Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan

As a channel to create a brand, improve the online reputation of your company, generate sales, etc, social networks are necessary for any business that wants to survive today. Because it is not enough to have a good product or service and at a competent price: your potential customers should know that you exist.

Now, companies can monitor their brand, check what the competition is, create interactions with their audience, get feedback from them about services or products to improve, etc. But publishing is not worth publishing; If you really want to make a profit, start by defining your own social media marketing plan.

Social networks are currently more influential than other traditional media such as television when making purchasing decisions by users. So much so that networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have improved their pages of companies, and Instagram increases its possibilities in terms of advertising and new tools to promote and even sell directly.

Social media agency Birmingham presents you some of the best social networking channels you can look to in creating a social media marketing plan.

Top social networking channels:

  1. Google
  2. Google indicates that 2 million searches are made every second. Google earns around 55 billion dollars a year, only with the advertising of its searches. With Google Adwords and as experts in advertising, social media agency Birmingham recommends advertising strategies through Google products. The agency knows that Google offers one of the most viable ways to be reached on the internet.

  3. Facebook

    Second after Google, Facebook offers a wealth of marketing possibilities. The social media giants generate an economic activity of 227,000 million dollars and 4.5 million jobs.

  4. Twitter
  5. 433,000 tweets per minute are sent and the most relevant social network of information is sent to users on this platform.

  6. YouTube
  7. On YouTube, around 6 billion video hours per month are played, with millions of viewership recorded each minute.

  8. Instagram
  9. This is the fastest growing social network since 2014