What is Social Cognition?

Social cognition is an approach to understanding human judgment and behaviour. Social cognition scientists study the mental processes that enable people to live and thrive in a dynamic world. How do people gain an understanding of themselves and the world they are living? How are mental processes shaped by the context and people’s desires, goals and subjective experiences? How do these factors determine people’s attitudes, judgments, and actions? These are some of the questions that lie at the heart of the discipline.

Social cognition is a ‘hub’ science that bridges the gap between cognitive and social sciences.  Social cognition provides a vast knowledge base to tackle real-life problems and to promote well-being, innovation, and growth.


What is SCONET?

The UK Social Cognition Network seeks to support the training, mobility, and networking opportunities of early career scientists, and to promote social cognition as a subject area in the UK. Our aim is to bring people together, encourage collaborations, and to engage individuals and organisations inside and outside academia with social cognition research.

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